SmartTagIt IRL: TDIndustries prevents potential SIFs using SmartTagIt

December 6, 2019/by Barry Nelson

Every day, SmartTagIt customers are documenting, communicating and sharing information that is potentially life-saving.

TDIndustries—a large mechanical contractor with jobsites throughout Texas, Arizona, and Colorado—knows full well how lack of information sharing can become critical bottleneck, particularly when jobsites are spread across several acres.

TDIndustries and its Partners have a responsibility to learn the signs of safety risks and act accordingly in order to fiercely protect the safety of everyone on the jobsite. Since a safety professional can’t physically be at every location, they use SmartTagIt to disseminate crucial lessons quickly..

View this case study, where Partner’s used SmartTagIt to take quick action—documenting and sharing unsafe incidents—to stop dangerous work that could have resulted in potentially serious injuries.

“The use of stop-work authority and heavy use of safety engagement helps stop potential Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs), and this app helps us be better at finding and fixing hazards,” said Jamie Dabbs, director of safety. “We’re glad that we have Partners actively observing the safety of everyone at his project, and that we have a great tool to quickly share alerts and safety information across the entire company.”