SmartTagIt: Grounded in the Field, Elevated by Advanced Technology, Transforming the Safety Status Quo

October 17, 2019/by Barry Nelson

The SmartTagIt suite of leading safety Indicators indicators was built on the belief that we could radically transform workplace processes by eliminating the old, ineffective ways of collecting field information; better engaging employees closest to the work using advanced technology; and arming teams with clear, actionable insights to reduce accidents and injuries.

Our simple, yet effective approach is designed to meet your current needs and to scale with your business as it grows.

  • Receive the exact information you want, when you want it: All SmartTagIt observations are immediately pushed to a team’s live feed for action, review, follow up, and analysis. Field teams simply open their devices and all the information they need is available and organized for them.
  • View “at-a-glance” health indicators for your critical safety systems: A simple, easily accessible, customized dashboard displays the health of all safety systems so you can determine where you want to dive deeper.
  • Integrate additional business intelligence: With built-in integration APIs and dozens of business intelligence features—including temporal reporting of live sensor data—SmartTagIt offers countless new ways to monitor and report the leading and lagging indicators of any given safety system.
  • Leverage predictive models: Our data science team prepares your data, and designs and tests your models to ensure reliability and confidence in performance. Have sensors, wearables, unstructured video, or images you want included in your model? We’ll do it all and get everything working at its peak.

SmartTagIt remains inspired and grounded by the field to use technology to elevate and accelerate simple safety solutions that connect worker behaviors to results and inform business decisions. Download our Analysis and Action overview here.