Simple, Effective, and Innovative Approach to Safety and Risk Management

Learn how to get work done faster and safer.

    Get Immediate, Meaningful and Actionable Insights

    Current forms, audits, observations and inspections are not completed, pencil whipped or don’t tell you what you need to know.

    SmartTagIt is an integrated application to share, coach and mitigate potential hazards, address human factor opportunities, better engage field leaders and harden incident prevention systems.

    It has Never Been Easier to Deliver a Safe Worksite

    SmartTagIt makes it easy for your team to share what is happening in the field, rapidly resolve open issues and close gaps in your risk or safety defenses.

    SmartTagIt uniquely enables more effective planning conversations. More effective planning conversations result in fewer incidents, higher production rates and less rework.

    SmartTagIt is self-healing. It’s enabling people to help each other. When you can see and hear each other and everyone has the full context of a situation, then it enables an accelerated peer-to-peer opportunity for safety improvement.”

    Dave Murphy | Pepper Construction

    Probability of Improving Your Critical Safety and Risk Management Health – 100%

    “We have pioneered a new generation of risk and safety metrics.” – Dave Murphy | Pepper Construction

    How it works


    Improved Risk and Safety Metrics- Combining Human Factors with Artificial Intelligence

    Better Understand the Impact of Human Factors with Artificial Intelligence

    AI is providing new ways to look at and frame solutions to reduce the risk of a serious injury or fatality.

    SmartTagIt provides intelligent analysis, new human performance health metrics, integration for multiple safety systems, world class data visualization and practical data science and predictions.

    Custom Mobile Reporting- Real Time, Alerts- No More Emailing Static Reports

    • Custom Mobile Reporting

    • Real Time, Alerts-No More Emailing Static Reports

    • 100+ Out of the Box Dashboard Combinations

    • Visualize Incidents and Leading Metrics From All Your Current Safety Systems

    Better Pre-Planning Meetings Result in Fewer Incidents and Less Rework

    PreTask Plan, Job Hazard Analysis, Task Hazard Analysis, Morning Huddle… This Daily Activity Goes By Many Names

    Little matters more than an effective daily plan between a crew leader and his team.

    Experience immediate improvements through a combination of digital innovations including:

    • Peer to peer video knowledge transfer

    • Automated transcriptions and conversation visualization

    • Analyze unstructured information- video, free text, images

    • Link conversations to production and safety outcomes

    • Cultural visualization and alignment acceleration

    Easy – Simple – Quick Insight Collection

    Incident Prevention- Engagement Accelerator
    Observations, PreTask Plans, Inspections, Audits, Permits… Reimagined

    Relevant, high quality field information is essential to understand your risk and the health of the systems your rely on to protect your most important asset- people.

    Through a combination of digital innovations to dramatically improve the quality of information collected and reduce the time required to put the information to practical use.

    • One integrated, easy to implement, seamless system for all your field observation systems

    • Peer to peer video hazard communication

    • Apple, Android or Web Native Applications

    • Real time mobile feed- no more static reporting

    • Only see what matters to you

    • Real time coaching and feedback

    • Automated virtual and physical rewards

    One Integrated Safety Management System

    One Consolidated Place to See The Health of Your Incident Prevention Systems

    Visualize all your critical leading and lagging safety and risk metrics in one place. See at a glance where to focus, what systems are impacting your outcomes and forecast what is coming next. Integrate multiple systems in your own hosted DataLake. Use our data science team to visualize your critical risk indicators.

    • DataLake– Using DataBricks- the leader in real time data processing

    • Tableau Server– rapid, preconfigured, powerful data visualization

    • FactorLab Rest API’s for two way integration project, site, user and system information

    • FactorLab Server for multiple observation, permit, JHA, PTP, inspection and audit management

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    How We Help

    Executive Leadership

    By tightening cultural alignment, organizations win more profitable work, retain top talent and see higher team production performance.


    Safety Executives

    Dramatically higher, healthy engagement in critical safety systems reduces the risk of Serious Injury or Death in the workplace.


    Site and Project Leadership

    Better daily planning reduces rework, lower incident rates and improves delivery.


    Those Closest to the Work

    Our job is to help you get those closest to the work- safely home.