Great conversations drive better outcomes.
Video Pre-Task Plans

Strong safety conversations lead to fewer injuries and incidents. Insight into those conversations will empower your organization to perform at a whole new level. But how can you improve what you can’t see? And what makes a conversation “good”, anyway? Make it easy for your teams to capture, share and discuss pre-task planning—and watch it become the catalyst for more effective leaders and continuous improvement.

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We developed our simple seven elements – and the AI model that scores them – by analyzing tens of thousands of actual conversations in partnership with the University of Buffalo.

What Are the Simple Seven?

Why should I trust SmartTagIt?

Our customers have used our app 1M times in the past 24 months, giving us the world’s fastest-growing repository of spoken daily safety conversations.

In partnership with our customers and the University of Buffalo, our teams are experts in helping you get the most out of your field leaders and coaching them to success.

Users agree: SmartTagIt is a faster, simpler and more effective way to communicate and document the daily planning conversation. Thousands use it daily.

What kind of results can I expect?

From discovering improved risk metrics to having field leaders ask to participate in video pre-task planning, our users have uncovered a wide range of benefits from our collaborations. In all cases, the impact is dramatic, lasting and objectively measured. Hear how they implemented video pre-task plans, review the numbers and explore what’s possible below.

Dan Saddler, StructureTone Southwest

Lane Smith, DPR Construction

Jamie Dabbs, TDIndustries

Now, how will you improve pre-task planning?

When it comes to strengthening safety, you deserve a better partner. Whether you’re looking to increase accountability, improve training, influence culture or more, we’re here to help.

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