Protecting People
optimizing human performance

What if you could visualize and analyze the specific movements and physical effort of your teams? Get the data you need to support employee health, pinpoint needed process improvements, share best practices, improve forecasting and more.

Why go with FactorWear?

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Results to watch for

With FactorWear, there’s something for everyone. Explore how every layer of your organization benefits from the power of the specialized wearable.

Win more profitable work, retain top talent and increase team production performance

Increase healthy engagement in critical safety systems and reduce the risk of SIFs

Reduce rework, decrease incident rates and improve delivery with better daily planning

Added support, increased safety conditions and a health-first culture

Let’s start measuring movement
(and improvement)

The sooner we start, the sooner you can protect worker health,
eliminate risk, improve production and more.

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