Customer Interview: Mastering On-the-Job Safety Training

November 10, 2018/by Barry Nelson

SmartTagIt is discovering new ways to improve the lives and safety of those closest to the work.

But to do that best, its important we understand the challenges our customers face with reducing accidents and injuries and driving safety engagement.

Our team recently interviewed multiple customers from a variety of industries and backgrounds to hear their insights on safety, and learn how SmartTagIt has influenced their workplace.

A Conversation with Adam Wolfgramm

Adam Wolfgramm knows the importance of on the job training. He is the Plumbing and Piping Superintendent for Harris Mechanical in Salt Lake City, and he also teaches part-time 9 hours a week at a plumbing school through a state administered program.

Wolfgramm has only been using SmartTagIt for a month and he’s already recommended it to the president of safety at his company.

Adam: “I like it because safety is of the utmost importance to me.”

Teaching a Better Approach to Job Hazard Analysis

Prior to SmartTagIt, JHAs were just written down.

Adam: “On an iPad or piece of paper, and they’d just pass it around and sign it. They don’t typically even read it.”

Then there were all the steps to distributing, filing, finding and reporting the information that was collected. The whole process was riddled with waste and questionable value relative to reducing accidents and injuries.

With SmartTagIt real time live conversations are captured and shared immediately, enabling better daily planning conversations and safety discussions with those closest to the work.

Adam: “It gets us talking about safety rather than just writing it down…When we’re talking about safety as we warm up, we tend to do a lot more thinking about what we have to do.”

In addition to fostering a better safety culture with workers onsite, SmartTagIt allows employees of other roles and worksites to view and read what’s going on in real time.

Training Teams how to use SmartTagIt

Wolfgramm explained that SmartTagIt doesn’t require much more than simple on the job training, and even those who have been in the field for years can learn how to use it quickly and easily. He relates learning SmartTagIt to his own experience teaching plumbing.

Adam: “I can teach you everything, but until you’re in the field doing it with your hands, it doesn’t quite transfer over like you would think. The job site changes really rapidly, but the things we’re doing and what we’re dealing with doesn’t change.”

The SmartTagIt team is grateful to be a part of Adam’s journey to drive better daily planning conversations with those closest to the work.

Try SmartTagIt for your Team

SmartTagIt is a safety coaching tool that gets crews to engaged in safety conversations and better aware of their daily activities, one of the largest obstacles in cultivating safer workplace practices.

Contact us today to learn how SmartTagIt can improve your business’ safety.