You deserve a
technology partner
that cares

No one cares more about making an impact and working harder for you than we do at FactorLab. Get to know us and the approach we’ve developed after 20 years of close collaboration with leaders like you (the ones who are never satisfied with “good enough”).

Our driving mission

We’re on a mission to empower high-performing workplace cultures.

We will help you discover and leverage insights that are currently hidden—along with sources of competitive advantage.

We’ll do it according to our core values: trust, care, innovation and continuous improvement.

The minds behind the mission

We’re a group of proven industry innovators, engineers, data scientists and leaders dedicated to better understanding the hidden factors that influence risk, safety and production decisions. Our team of over 25 data scientists and engineers have decades of experience and work comfortably at the cutting edge of applied human performance in the workplace. And we do it all for you.

What you need to know before
working with us

We’re interested in the problem, not its symptoms.

We will enable you to make progress on the real problems hidden in your safety and operational
systems and not dance around the periphery of the symptoms that annoy you.

This isn’t about fancy intelligence terms.

The important thing isn’t to be able to say you have AI. Why? Because you need more than a mathematical model. You need a way to operationalize natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to your organization’s practical benefit.

It’s about solving the unsolvable.

How? With a multi-million word lexicon of construction and industrial language. We’re helping customers use NLP and ML to observe critical operational processes at a scale that far outperforms human ability while unlocking profound improvements for both people and culture. In other words, your culture is finally winning.

You could build this yourself.

But it would take awhile (and probably cost a lot). Rather than start from scratch, we’ve made our solutions highly adaptable so you can determine what information to capture, which metrics to track and how to engage your field leaders.

Our experience sets us apart.

We invented collecting information on a mobile device and using it to better understand risk in the workplace in 2001. We’ve spent over 20 years working in the industry and on these models. We frame the problems of data science differently than others because we built the framework ourselves.

We didn’t get here alone.

Our solutions and approach were born out of years of working with leaders to drive long-term injury reductions and improved operating performance. We are perhaps most proud of the fact that dozens of organizations have won national and regional recognition for the improvement efforts subsequent to and while using our technology and services.

Collaboration with the best

Our data science models draw from millions of field conversations and observations and thousands of users and projects as its foundation. More specifically, over two years ago, we started a collaboration with the University of New York, Buffalo to develop the world’s only integrated multi-model neural network to classify language related to serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Now, let’s meet.

Our solutions gain their true value when you configure them to your organization’s specific needs. We want to meet you, understand your needs and help you take a closer look at how safety is really happening throughout your organization.

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